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AppBlock is an app that helps you block your apps to focus on your work and improve your concentration. Various functions allow you to balance your time between work and leisure. At the same time, you can also configure additional settings and application usage profiles to optimize your application usage. In fact, you won’t ignore the stats if you use the app for both work and play.


The feature that users will find in AppBlock is to set the period of time to block the use of the apps available in the app.Once you have set this lock, you will not be able to use the associated app until the previously set period of time has elapsed. So, with this particular feature, you’ll increase your productivity and not get distracted by too many unrelated issues.


The application blocking performed by AppBlock is applied in many different ways. You can choose which apps you want to block for a period of time. Therefore, it is completely impossible to access it. So all you have to do is disable the blocking feature, but in most cases you will focus on something else.Sure, blocking apps doesn’t block all the time; You can configure it to your liking.

Make time to work

The first factor you need to consider with AppBlock is blocking the app for a period of time. You can customize this interval, control it, and set reminders for how long the apps you choose won’t work. From there you will start to get used to your concentration, although the first phase is quite difficult since you are totally dependent on your smartphone. Of course, you still have time to use the device yourself.

Set limits to your entertainment

You can continue to use your device once the limit set in AppBlock has expired, but entertainment is also an issue to take care of. In particular, you must also limit the use of your device to an area that you deem appropriate. After that, you need to set a timer to limit usage time appropriately and keep using the lock feature to do other things you’ve always wanted to do.

Look at your efforts over time

If you want to know your device lock time and free time, here is also a complete table with easily identifiable statistics. Over time you will get used to these times and can start adjusting the lock time and device time.Of course you will feel the change of focus and the app also offers profiles for your convenience.

What's new

Profiles are now called schedules. Blocking with them is more efficient and accurate than ever before.
We revamped the Schedules detail based on user feedback, simplifying the process and clarifying features for better user experience.



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