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Download the hacked game Clash of Clans for Android

Download the hacked game Clash of Clans for Android The hacked Clash of Clans game, or as it is written in English, Clash of clans, is one of the most famous strategic war games currently deployed on most application stores, and the most successful one also due to the terrible demand for it, especially in the Arab world, and the reason behind this is the love of Arab youth for such games that allow them By building and developing their own village and equipping it with various weapons and defense mechanisms to protect against any possible attack, this is apart from being a social interactive game that allows players to talk and interact with each other through group chat rooms available within the game, especially between members of one alliance, in addition to the availability It has many features that most other games lacked and that contributed in one way or another to the success of the game, such as the multiplicity of competitions and prizes that the winners receive … and many others.

Clash of clans hacked

Clash of Clans hack provides a wide variety of soldiers that players can train and develop according to their level of progress in the game, and whose strength and abilities increase with the development of their levels, and this creates an atmosphere of competition between players to race to develop and train the strongest soldiers consisting of humans, magicians and other strange creatures that help them In winning the various battles by devising special attack strategies for each class of soldiers.

The game also has a number of classifications that players rise to according to the number of cups that they win through various battles when they attack the villages of other players around the world, which classifies players in categories as beginners, intermediate, and professionals…etc.

The game is developed by the “Super cell” studio, which is published at the same time on two official electronic stores, which are the “Google Play” stores for Android users, as well as the “App Store” for IOS users. The first version of the game for the IOS system was released on 02 August 2012, then followed by the Android version on October 07, 2013, with a size of 147 MB with periodic updates. user.

Clash of Clans hacked version:

Like any famous game on the Internet, Clash of Clans hacked was developed, but not by the studio, but rather by dedicated programs, which is the version in which you get the game’s resources in unlimited quantities and you do not have to collect them in the legal way, if you will, so if you install the hacked version of the game and enter For the first time, you will find endless resources of gold, elixir, or any of the other game resources that allow you to purchase and develop various types of equipment and buildings.

This version of the game usually contains unlimited amounts of gems, which is the most important resource in the Clash of Clans game, as it is the resource that allows you to speed up the development period for any building that is built or developed on the land of your village and also allows you to purchase a group of magical and decorative products Inside the game, and this explains the spread of the phenomenon of playing in the hacked version much more these days, except that there is a problem that prevents the generalization of the use of this version among young people, especially in the Arab world, which is the inability to log in with the player’s Gmail account in order to be able to save Its progress is within the game, and this is self-evident, as the game has its own servers on the site of the developer company “Super cell”, and therefore many players were unable to save their progress within the hacked version of the “Clash of Clans” game, and this version of the game has its own advantages that distinguish it About the original version of the game, we will discuss it next in this article.

Features of downloading a hacked Clash of Clans:

The hacked version of the Clash of clans game has a set of features that attract players and make them download the version on their devices and enjoy it even if they are unable to save their progress within the game, because this will allow them at least to experience the advantages and capabilities of the soldiers who have been developed to the fullest extent of strength, as well as to see the capabilities of different Forts, defensive buildings, and the rest of the weapons, such as magic potions, etc., and we will now discuss these features and explain each of them in detail.

town hall:

Which is considered the beating heart of your village, as it is the main place in the village, and based on its level, you can develop the rest of the weapons and soldiers … etc. For example, if your town hall is at level 8, you must develop it to level 9 in order to be able to continue developing the rest of the village, of course after you have reached Indeed, for the highest level in each building, soldier, or weapon, and it should be noted that upgrading the town hall requires a large amount of game resources, so you must be careful to have high-level gold and elixir stores first, and make sure that they contain sufficient quantity for this development second.


They are the basic combat units that the player relies on to form his army to attack the villages of other players and destroy them. The greater the number of trained soldiers and their level is higher, the stronger your army will be. You only have to develop a tight attack strategy and you will definitely win the battle. With an infinite number, that is, the number base does not work in the hacked version of the game, where once you choose the village that you will attack from the battle maps search, you will be able to attack the soldiers that you chose with an infinite number, and you will have the opportunity to see large villages destroyed easily with the opportunity to discover the true capabilities of the upper levels of the soldiers Without bothering to develop them little by little in the official version of the game, and this is one of the best features of the hacked version of the “Clash of Clans” game.

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