Subway Surfers

FONCE aussi vite que tu le peux!
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SYBO Games
25 août 2022
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Subway Surfers is a platform game in which you have to try to escape from the police through dangerous areas of train stations where trains are constantly passing by at full speed. It’s an endless runner with a colorful visual style where the game only stops when you fall to the ground and a policeman catches you. But you don’t have to worry. Because with just a tap of the screen you’ll be running in another game again. Unlike the other classic games of this genre, in Subway
Surfers you don’t have to control your hero with the controller built into your device, instead you’ll find three paths in front of you to move your hero by sliding your finger on the screen.

You have to jump or crawl on the ground to avoid the obstacles on your way by sliding your finger vertically across the screen. But the best ability this game offers you is that you can get your skateboard for a certain period of time with just a double tap. During this time, you can take hits without being defeated. In Subway Surfers you not only have to run to the end but also collect coins and complete the tasks that are asked of you to get a good score of
. To make the rounds of this game more fun, you can use power-ups that will help you in different ways: jump higher or fly high in the air at full speed, and one of them allows you to automatically collect coins from each of the paths of the game.

With the coins you collect, you can unlock new items, new characters, and even skateboards with different abilities. As for the power-ups in this game, you can improve your performance and become more effective the more coins you invest in them, so you have to collect more coins while trying to avoid the obstacles that come your way. Subway Surfers is a very entertaining game that will keep you glued to your device for hours thanks to its simple but fun gameplay. In addition,
is regularly updated in which you have to try to beat the records your friends have broken, which you can check online.

FONCE aussi vite que tu le peux!
ÉVITE les trains qui s’approchent!

Aidez Jake, Tricky et Fresh à échapper aux griffes du vieil inspecteur et de son chien !

★ Joue-toi des trains avec ton équipe super cool!
★ Des graphismes HD hauts en couleurs!
★ Du surf sur une aéroplanche!
★ Des propulseurs alimentés à la peinture!
★ Des acrobaties de haute volée à la vitesse de l’éclair!
★ Défie et aide tes amis!

Une app universelle avec des graphismes HD optimisés pour une résolution Retina.

What's new

- Le tour du monde Subway Surfers débarque dans la vibrante Shenzhen.
- Participe à la chasse saisonnière de Shenzhen et décroche un meilleur score avec notre nouveau surfeur, Zi Hao, et la super planche Moped.
- Découvre le nouveau look tendance de Maeko avec sa tenue Street.
- Jette un œil aux événements du Tour du monde et prépare-toi à faire la course avec une équipe de surfeurs hors du commun dans la belle ville de Paris !



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