Pro League Soccer


Pro League Soccer
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Aug 9, 2022
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Pro League Soccer

Select and upgrade your club!
After tough weeks, advance from the lower leagues to the upper leagues. Every season, join the league’s national club cup and After a good season, get the chance to appear in the league of stars!

Become the king of the continent with your national team!
Join the league of nations and combat for the cup. Also, take part in many cups with play-offs and show yourself!

Provide 360-degree flexibility of movement with fluent controls and character physics. Feel the reality with directional passes and shots.

Ball Control:
Throw curvilinear shots with improved ball physics. Provide instant ball control and shots with accurate timings.

Artificial intelligence:
Play against compeller and tiring, realistic Artificial intelligence modes. Fight opponents who are constantly looking for your deficit and looking for opportunity.

Edit All Data:
You can edit all Competition, Team and Player names in the game according to your preference. You can also load unique to yourself logos for teams from the internet.

r is a soccer game similar to Mobile Soccer League. It will take you to different stadiums where you will experience amazing football matches. Here you control the 11 players that make up your team and you have to play successful matches to beat all opponents. Unfortunately, Pro League Soccer does not allow you to play with official league or team licenses. However, as in other PES games, it will be easy for you to see the similarities between some of the clubs and players and their true identities.

In any case, no matter which team you control, you will have a lot of fun playing this game. Once you’ve selected the league you want to play in, you can join your first game. Once you’ve created your starting lineup, you can enter the arena. When the referee blows the whistle, start controlling each player’s movements. To control your players you have a virtual joystick on the left side of the screen.

As usual in games of this type, on the right side of the screen you can choose the moves you want your players to make. The action buttons here change depending on whether you’re playing offensive or defensive. Pro League Soccer is a game that offers you a dozen teams that you can choose to play in different leagues. You have to control your players and play incredible matches where you score more goals than your opponents. This is how you can climb the ranks and lead all
of your teams to the top.

You will also find 3D graphics that make it easy for you to see all the players in great detail. And you can do all of this while experiencing the horror of football on your smartphone.

What's new

* Improvements UI and Gameplay.
* Added new Sleeves and Gloves accessory kinds.
* Renewed Kits menu.


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